::.."Mie Djogja" in the rain..::

May 10, 2011
When rains and hungry, eat the most delicious hot and spicy foods. One type of food that I mean is Mie Jogja or Mie Jawa. There are two kinds ; noodles boiled or Godog fried noodles. Unlike instant noodles, noodles have more supple and rich in nutrients because served with meat and vegetables (cabbage, carrot, cucumber, pickles). 

Mie Jogja not only exist in Yogyakarta but can be found throughout Indonesia. Prices range between Rp.8000-Rp.15 000 depending on where you buy. Enjoy the most delicious in the cafe tenda, but if you want a more formal, mie jogja also available at the restaurant. This afternoon I enjoyed it in pondok bambu Anindi, Darmaga IPB Bogor, near my campus. Yesterday I enjoyed the noodles in Mie Jogja Jogja Pak Karso jl. Pajajaran. The most delicious when accompanied by coffeemilk or sweet tea.
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