May 16, 2011

Turn Off The Lights If You Don’t Need Them. Not Only Will You Save Money, Cutting Down On Energy Output Means You’re Saving The Earth’s Resources And Doing Your Bit For A Greener World.

Maximising your use of natural light will save on lighting bills and help eliminate germs and dust mites.
>> paint interior walls in pale shades and use mirrors to reflect natural light, particularly in dark rooms.
>> on bright, sunny days (that aren’t too hot), open blinds and curtains to admit as much light as possible.
>> if your house is especially dark, think about installing large windows make them taller rather than wider, to admit more light.
>>Situate work areas, such as desks and kitchen sinks and benches, close to source of natural light.
>> Consider installing a sky tube or solar tube. It concentrates and reflects natural light through a diffuser into the room below. The light generated is the equivalent of a 100  Watt bulb.
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