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May 15, 2011
recent times, fixie bike is very popular among the young. slowly but surely starting to sound echo fixie bike on the surface.

Fixie Bike Called for fixed gear.
That is, the gear behind it fixed, not dynamic. So we can ride my guns off the back. If pedaling backward, so the road bike back, this is the location of its uniqueness. This bike does not have a bike Fixie rem.Ban too thin, so light when the pedal. and the other draws on the handlebar. Where Fixie bike handlebar or the handlebar made with perpendicular. Minimalist design characterize this single speed bike. Brakes is the power to hold our feet to the pedals that are always spun to the front.

Not all bicycle frames can be used as Fixie. If you want to change the old bike into a bike Fixie is worth considering the existing buffer the rear wheels.

If you want to change the old bike, you should pay attention to the position of the rear wheel fork.
But if still confused to modify it, you should consult with the seller.
Is the position your bike frame can be used for Fixie or not.
Given the design will look fashionable fixie bike, then the colors follow the color of a bicycle tire so it will look more matching. Fixie bike tires generally use the current size as Road Bike (bike racing) or Hyrid Bike (bike in the city) with a wheel / tire size Rim 700C with 19-23 C. Price Fixie various kinds of bicycle tires, tires with no brand can be purchased only costs tens of thousands only. But for models of famous branded price can soar above 125 thousand of product type Wireband CST.
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