Organic Cultivation Instruction

November 13, 2013

I have a set of organic cultivation as gift in my birthday. There are strawberry, radish, and tomatto. Content in every herb are Cultivation Vessel, Soil (Environmentally friendly medium), seed (spare seed), Drainage Controller, and user's manual.

This is cultivation instruction:
1. Add water to the soil, and let it has complete absorption of water
2. Place the seed horizontally in the soil, with a cover of 1-2mm soil.
3. Keep the soil within desirable temperature range. Water the seed once every day; trickling water shall be used to wet the soil until water leak from the bottom of the vessel. The seed will sprout in 5-12 days if the temperature is above 20C.
4. After the sprouting, wait till leaves appear, and move the vessel to an airy place on balcony or windowsill. Expose the plant to appropriate warmth and water.
5. When the plant grows big enough, it may be removed from the vessel to a larger flowerpot or to the garden.
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