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January 10, 2015
Di kelas lagi bahas Planning. Ada pertanyaan "what do you use to plan your day?" Saya sih jawab "on pocket diary" kunooo banget. Ada yang jawab "on smartphone,,but the phone has low bat..so i forgot my wife birthday..she's mad to me..hahahah...i remember my daughter birthday but not on my wife's. My children is priority." 

Oprah winfrey pernah mbahas ini "whats your priority,,your spouse or your children?" Teman-teman sekelas pada njawab "my children...i can divorce my spouse but i can't divorce with my children" aaaakkkk,,,thats true but i think thats equal. Regardless i'm single or not but children and spouse is important. 

Di akhir sesi ada pertanyaan lagi "its..true...there are some things you can't plan for?" Dengan lantang saya jawab..."true..for me as a single....hahhaha...i can not planning marriage when i don't have boyfriend."

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