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House of Representatives of Indonesia (DPR) has an official website located at, view the site's main page is not too special. Some navigation per channel lists: the main page, aspirations, help, TV parliament, the House and LPSE email.

On this site is to bring the canal 'Aspirations', where site visitors can give their views to members of the elected council.
It looks too simple for such a big budget management.

Site member roster good enough show that elected members of Parliament, which can be viewed on the basis of fraction-region selection, or by commission. However, members of Parliament who tercantumkan not accompanied by address or contact number to call.

>> site council members belong to the United States (U.S.), which is located at

By the look on the main page of this site is present with a simple character, yet solid substance. So it does not make the tired eyes of the beholder. Moreover, the themes that were presented also show the characteristics of U.S. board members.

This site is interactive enough for the casual visitor and even for the media. Been separated because information for the casual visitor with a crew of media.

In addition to displaying a list of short news, this site also presents the names of board members are elected as members of the senate. Well, the difference with a list of board members at the Indonesian House of Representatives site, the site displays the number of contacts the U.S. council member elected board.

Not only that, every council member's name will be linked with sub domains to each respective board member. So that visitors can relate to personally though only through cyberspace.

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