April 29, 2011
DEPDIKNAS has launched a free book download site. however, some time ago this site was difficult to enter. for that, there are several books on the download link below. if the book you are looking for does not exist, please send comments
http://bse.invir.com/sd/sd4ips%20IPS%20Tantya.zip (IPS 4’TH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL/SD/MI)
http://bse.invir.com/sd/sd3ips%20IPSUtkKls3Sunarso.zip (IPS 3’TH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL/SD/MI)
http://bse.invir.com/sd/sd4ipa%20SenangBelajarIPA.zip (IPA 4’TH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL/SD/MI)
http://bse.invir.com/sd/sd6ipa%20SenangBelajarIPA.zip (IPA 6’TH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL/SD/MI)

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